Thursday, December 23, 2010

Yahooo Booter SonicBoom

Yahoo Booter Sonic Boom:
Yahoo booter sonic Boom is a small and simple software used for booting some one from yahoo messenger. If some is teasing you and disturbing you. You can disconnect his yahoo messenger with the help of this software. It's very much simple in using you have to make first minimum 25 ID's of yahoo and then type all ID's in notepad file like this
just type colon b/w ID and password. then save the file and come to software. Click on load button and select your id's file. when the software load the file then click on login. Your all ID's must be logged in first. Then type the ID of that person which you like to boot in victim section without Then select the option what would you like to do with this person. Click on boot options and select which action you want to take. I am sure that you have understood. Take Care

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