Portable Softwares

What is portable Softwares?

Portable mean in a dictionary the things which can easily be taken. Mean from the meaning we can understand that these are those things which can be taken easily from one place to another place. And here it's meaning is also this. You can open or use any portable software without installing it. Yes I am telling you truth you can download and without installing can use even big big softwares. You will not need to give a space in C: drive to any software now. You can direct run the program from any other drive.

Now you will be thinking that may these software work or not or may it work with any other software to which we install? You don't worry the answer is YES. You can use this software as like you have installed it. And I am 100% sure that these softwares are also working as your installed softwares. If you want to get more knowledge about Portable Softwares. You can get it from Google. Thanks allot.

Adobe CS3:
Adobe photo shop is a old company working from a long time on internet and helping the people with providing them great great graphics softwares and players. Adobe have launched too many softwares about graphics and from that we have also this software which is named Adobe CS3. Now here the question arises that, What does CS mean? So that answer is simple it's mean Creative Suite. Adobe launched simple adobe photo shop softwares and named them adobe 6, adobe 7 or adobe 8 but with the time they have launched these advance versions and named it CS, CS 1, CS2, CS3 till CS5. 

Today the software which I am sharing with you people it's CS3 portable. The meaning and the work of portable i have already shared above at the top of the page. And I am sure that you people have understood the meaning. So there is no need to talk any more about portable. And the adobe CS3 is also a portable software and it's used for any graphic work, like making pictures, wallpapers, screen savers, moving pictures, website layouts, website templates, visiting cards, love cards, etc. Mean any king of graphic work can be taken from Adobe.