Monday, January 3, 2011


IP (internet protocol) Finder:
Ip finder is a small software. You can find any kind of IP location with the help of this software. This software can be used for any reasons. It's depend on you that how you will use this software.  If you will use it on the positive way it's very much work able for you and if you will use it for hacking or any other negative way it's also work able for that. But it will be very much work able if you will use it for positive works. 

Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager:
Internet download manager is a downloader which is used for downloading any kind of file from internet in high speed. We have different kind of downloader on internet like orbit, youtube downloader, etc but i am sure that you will not find such qualities in those softwares which is contained by this software. As it's a free downloader and you can try it any time you want. So then why to west the time any more by facing the slow downloading. Download the software, install it and you will be asked for restarting the computer. Just restart your computer and enjoy the high speed downloader of Internet. You can also download youtube videos with the help of this software. It's mean that you  are getting much and much benefits, and there is a very simple option for the downloading of youtube videos, when you will play any kind of video on youtube directly you will get an option on the right top of the video to click here and start the downloading.