Friday, December 3, 2010

Yahoo Supra ( Unable to boot)

Yahoo Supra:
Yahoo supra is a simple messenger used only for Yahoo ID's. You can use it only for yahoo id to login and chat with your friends. but there are some options missing in this messenger, like in yahoo you can send the files to your friends but here you can't. In yahoo messenger you can make personal call to your friend but here you can't but you have some more benefits which can't be found in Yahoo Messenger. Like in yahoo messenger when you join any chat room any one can boot you from chat room but in this you can't be boot. 2nd thing you can see all users who are invisible in yahoo messenger here you will find the visible. 3rd when you make  a call in chat room no one can hold your mic or can not kick you from chat room. It has much benefits and when you will download the software and use it, then you will get the benefits of it.
Note: when your download will complete you will be asked for a password to unzip it. You can get the password bellow.
Password:  yahoo

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