Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More then 1500 the most beautiful fonts free download

             Now you can download more then 1500 fonts free from my site. Fonts are the need of every computer user, if he works on graphics, or networks, or office. He/She will need fonts to be installed on his/her computer. Font's makes our work or our paragraphs more beautiful. If you like to have beautiful fonts in your computer, so try this collection of fonts, and keep visiting to my site for more fonts and software's.

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  1. Thank you! Canva revolutionised my work. I work as a PR & marketing manager in hospitality and I don’t have a big marketing budget, so Canva is perfect for me. 1$ for picture is not so much but I can create some nice offers for our clients. Here you have an example of my work: and it was only for 2 $ It’s a nice alternative for Shutterstock etc. Fonts are beautiful, it is very creative thinking to learn how to mix them. I use it also on my personal blog